2008 Favorite Albums – FAO Addendums

We’re just not like a lot of other music blogs. For one, we’re not joyless, self-important, pretentious pricks whose vocation hinges on a sworn oath to never admit to appreciate an album as undeniably likable as the Ting Tings ’08 release “We Started Nothing.” If you’ve listened to this album and don’t like it, you’re lying to yourself like I lied to myself about Rex Grossman for three years.

A couple other ways we’re different than some of those other guys:

  • We really don’t know much about music
  • Nobody ever reads us/nobody knows we exist
  • Nobody’s ever offered to post advertising here
  • We listen to 1/50th of the albums they do in a typical year (1/100th?)
  • If we held a music festival of our favorite bands, none of them would return our calls

Um…I totally forgot my point and just sort of feel cold and lonely now. Oh yeah, how we’re different…

..we’re also different because we can admit our mistakes. We think one of the best reasons to make a list of our favorite albums and share it with the world (or, ok, 890 people as of this post) is to hear back what we missed. Thanks to fao readers for turning us on to a few 2008 albums we love that we may never have gotten around to hearing without you (watch for a revised 2008 top 10 soon). Namely:

My favorite thing about Dr. Dog’s sound is that it’s just as perfectly suited for a small bar in an unassuming corner of an emerging neighborhood in an overlooked city as it is the Bowery Ballroom or Lollafreakingpalooza. They sound like a band with an old soul. With a sound from the 60s that still sounds tight and new and rich. The album is deep but if The Breeze (track 1) doesn’t suck you in you are dead inside and I am sorry for you and your sad, soulless life. From there, Hang On and The Ark are two more standouts, but it was hard to choose just a couple to highlight here. Oh, and hey, if you’re in Chicago, try not to miss these guys April 10 at the Double Door.

Delta Spirit’s 2008 debut Ode to Sunshine is one of those albums that you just know brings the whole crowd (newcomers and loyals alike) along with it for the ride when it’s played live. It’s classic upbeat barroom pop with pounding drums, easy acoustic guitar, infectious piano riffs and catchy upbeat choruses (“…if you feel what I’m feeling come on/all you soul searching people come on”). While that all must sound aggravatingly happy…you know, a little happy can’t hurt these days, right?

Blind Pilot may be the next big little band out of Portland if uber-influential radio station KCRW has anything to do with it. Seems the buzz-maker radio station out of Santa Monica has BP on a permanent rotation for the last few months. Thank god for the internet. My friend Matt in Dallas (who also introduced me to the best record store in America: Good Records in the Lower Greenville area) originally mentioned these guys to me a month or so ago, but its still tough to find anybody who’s ever heard of them. Even a mutual friend of ours, John, who lives in Portland and is supposed to be all on top of this shit is clueless. And he hasn’t heard of BP yet, either.


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